TRHT/Richmond programming and opportunities highlight the breadth and depth of activities designed for a diverse coalitions of actors in Richmond to address key problems that exacerbate or perpetuate structural racism. From a small grants program to dialogue and community trust activities to TRHT funded program pilots to disrupt systemic/structural racism in Richmond, a wide-array of activities exist to help eliminate a pervasive and false belief in a human hierarchy based on race.


community trustbuilding fellowship

The Community Trustbuilding Fellowship develops the capacity of community leaders from around the U.S. to become authentic trustbuilders capable of overcoming divisions of race, culture, economics and politics.





Participants gain tools and insights needed to analyze their community, strategize, build collaborative networks, and take action as they draw on their faith and marshal their unique gifts to impact social justice issues, such as racism, and the common good. 




TRHT/Richmond events

Spring 2018
MLK50 -April 4th
6:15-7:15 PM, Virginia Union University, A.B. James chapel in Coburn Hall 

Join the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) team of Initiatives of Change in partnership with the Office of Mayor Stoney and Virginia Union University for MLK50: Moment of Remembrance. The National Civil Rights Museum of Memphis, TN is inviting the nation to join in reflection and then to focus on the future. To recognize the exact moment that Dr. King was shot, there will be 39 bell chimes resonating in Memphis, one for each year he lived. Along with others across the U.S., several institutions with bell towers here in Greater Richmond have committed to joining the moment by ringing locally.

As part of the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation enterprise, City of Richmond Mayor, Levar Stoney, as well as Virginia Union University Vice President, Dr. Corey Walker, along with others will answer the question set out by The National Civil Rights Museum, “Where Do We Go From Here?”.  Please join them on the historic Virginia Union University campus along with students, faculty, administration and residents of Greater Richmond as we gather to move our city and region forward through a more inclusive narrative.  Follow event updates and details here on Facebook. 

winter 2019
National day of racial healing


racial equity index

created for the Richmond community, compiling and examining all existing data to better understand the depth and breadth of our collective data resources and decision-making around resource allocation and acquisition

Racial Equity Compact

developed to promote a set of shared definitions, values and commitments to working toward racial equity in RVA

Story Board 

an advisory group of creators, networkers, and marketers in the Richmond region, established to identify, promote and tell stories from many perspectives

Small Grants Program 

created to identify and fund TRHT-related activities such as narrative change, trustbuilding and dialogue activities, and transformation opportunities

Business Case for Racial Equity

developed to present a compelling case for equity in the Richmond area

Growth Fund

 an investment fund, to sustain the TRHT work for the long-term and provide additional funding that is raised and matched by other national, regional and local funders