Community Partners

Achieving authentic transformation in Greater Richmond requires individuals and organizations throughout the region to work together for a collective impact. TRHT is built on cross-sector partnerships and programming designed to foster and fuel narrative change and relationship building, both critical components when working for structural transformation. TRHT/Richmond brings together community voices from the arts, business community, education, faith communities, government, media, non-profit community, and philanthropy.  Regardless of what sector we work in and no matter our race, social class, or country of origin, we need to understand the burden of our country’s founding belief in human hierarchy on our own psyches. We must prepare for and engage in difficult and honest conversations, build authentic relationships across social and economic divides, and work together to creatively and sustainably solve our community’s most intractable problems.

Greater Richmond already has a thriving community of change-making organizations, educational and cultural institutions, and businesses. Recognizing both this important work to-date and what still must be done to transform our region, TRHT will:

  • amplify partner efforts to bring new stories of Richmond’s past and present to light;
  • foster relationships among community partners so they no longer feel as if they are treading a path alone or in disharmony with others;
  • identify and support individuals or organizations who wish to participate in the conversation; and 
  • promote a more integrated approach to partnership in the Richmond region, whereby seemingly disparate groups identify areas of mutual interest and leverage assets to meet community needs. 

TRHT will only succeed through energetic and authentic partnerships – we need your support!  If your organization would like to join the conversation, please contact us using the webform.

IofC would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their support in helping us conceptualize this initiative: 

American Civil War Museum
Bon Secours Richmond Health System
Hon. Cynthia Newbille (Richmond City Council, 7th District)
Hon. Ellen Roberson (Richmond City Council, 6th District)
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Office for Community Wealth Building, City of Richmond
Rev. Ben Campbell, Community Activist, Cofounder & Pastor Emeritus, Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill
Richmond Memorial Health Foundation
Richmond Peace Education Center
Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Robins Foundation
Sgt. Carol Adams, Richmond City Police Department
The Community Foundation
The Valentine
University of Richmond
Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities
Virginia Commonwealth University